Say Yes to Travertine Pavers in Your Backyard

Have you considered the benefits of adding Travertine pavers into your landscaping?

When people think of paving materials, concrete most often comes to mind. As a landscaping material, concrete is hard-wearing and can be customized for an array of colors and textures. But Travertine is the most cost-effective, value-packed choice over time.

Why Should I Choose Travertine Pavers?

100% Natural Stone
Travertine is a 100% natural stone product. This means that all the colors and patterns in your pavers will be unique to where it was quarried. While concrete pavers can be customized, they are still limited by the manufacturing process.

Most Durable Stone Available
It is also one of the most durable stones available. The Colosseum was built with Travertine and is said to last for up to 100 years. Compare that to brick pavers, which will begin to fade after a year.

Heat Resistant
Another advantage to installing Travertine pavers is that they are heat resistant and stay cool to the touch. Concrete and brick pavers are too hot to walk on most of the year in our Phoenix climate.

Non-slip, Porous Surface
Travertine is also an excellent choice for pool decks. It is porous with a non-slip surface that soaks up water. Increase safety around the swimming pool for your family and guests.

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What is Travertine?

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. It often forms at the mouth of a hot spring or limestone cave.

It comes in a variety of colors including white, cream, tan, gray, and rust. It has been used as a building material for centuries, all the way back to ancient Rome.

Indoors, you'll find it in bathroom showers, kitchen countertops, flooring, and even fireplace surrounds.

How Do I Clean Travertine Pavers?

Clean them at least once per year using nothing more than water to remove dirt and debris. You can also use a pressure washer (with no chemicals) on the lowest setting for occasional deep cleaning.

Never use bleach or other chemicals such as ammonia on your Travertine pavers. Over time, these chemicals damage and dull the material. Try using poultice powder on stubborn stains such as red wine.

Ideas for Using Travertine Pavers in Your Back Yard

  • Heavy traffic hardscapes (driveway, sidewalk, walkway)
  • Patio (for heat-resistant properties and easy cleanup)
  • Pool and spa decks (a superior alternative to brick or concrete)
  • Outdoor kitchen or BBQ island countertop surfaces
  • Outdoor steps (perfect because of it's non-slip properties)
  • Fire pit surround or bench seating.

Here at The Yard Stylist, choosing Travertine pavers as an upgrade to your landscaping project couldn’t be simpler. You can select them as an option with any our landscaping packages. Browse our hardscapes gallery for inspiration using pavers and other hardscaping options. We help you with design advice and show you some of the ways Travertine fits beneficially in your yard.

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