Explore East Valley Outdoor Kitchens and Savor the Desert Lifestyle

The decision to expand your East Valley living space into the backyard with an outdoor kitchen is far more practical than you might realize. The most obvious benefit is the pleasure of entertaining family and friends outside. Undoubtedly, since food preparation and eating is an everyday occurrence, this open-air cookery will get a lot of use. Especially in our beautiful Arizona climate.

The Best Additions to Your Outdoor Dining Experience

Here Are 10 Ingredients for a Fully Equipped Outdoor Kitchen:

  • BBQ Grill
  • Counter and Storage Space
  • Electricity and Lighting
  • Water and Sink
  • Mini Fridge and Freezer
  • Bar Stool Island or a Seating Wall
  • Shade Structure (like a pergola)
  • A Fire Pit or Fireplace
  • Concrete, Porcelain, or Travertine Pavers
  • Music and perhaps a TV

Compact Yet Mighty BBQ Island

If a full-size outdoor kitchen isn't in your budget, consider a BBQ Island as the smart alternative. A BBQ Island provides you with a drop-in for a grill, counter and storage space, and pavers for patio seating.

Cook Family Meals or Entertain Guests with this Outdoor Kitchen on a Paver Patio - Gilbert AZ East Valley Landscaping
Outdoor Kitchen - Bar with Fire Pit - Yard Stylist - San Tan Ranch - AZ
Queen Creek Outdoor Kitchen with Umbrella Patio Table - East Valley, AZ - The Yard Stylist
BBQ Island - Gilbert AZ - The Yard Stylist

We love the finished product!

"Yard stylist did an excellent job. They completed our yard earlier that expected and we love the finished product. We definitely would recommend yard stylist to others."

Joshua H. - Scottsdale, AZ

Customize Your Backyard for Function and Entertainment

Options are plentiful when building an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island. For instance, you can choose custom stone for the base and sides that endure the elements, complement the space, and look beautiful for years.

You might prefer an uncovered grilling island that gives you full view of the surrounding landscape and interaction with others. On the other hand, a covered cooking area provides shade in the heat of the day and protection from wind or rain.

The layout or shape is another factor to consider. We can help you decide between straight, galley, U-shape, L-shape, and G-shape.

Outdoor Dining Area with Bar Stools and Blue Dishes - Fire Pit - Yard Stylist - San Tan Ranch AZ
Stone Cooking and Grilling Station in Your Backyard - San Tan Valley, AZ - The Yard Stylist
Outdoor Kitchen - Fireplace - Gilbert AZ - The Yard Stylist
BBQ Island - Beautiful Dining Area with Bar Stools Fire Pit next to Pool - Travertine Pavers - Yard Stylist - San Tan Ranch AZ

The Many Unexpected Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Thinking of an outdoor kitchen as only a luxury item? Think again. This is one landscape design renovation that really pays off in terms of return on investment and a higher quality lifestyle.

Arizonans love the outdoors. And grilling is part of our culture. But, if you limit the backyard space to only a grill and some patio furniture, you'll be running between the kitchen inside and the fun outside.

It's inconvenient. And you'll find you won't use your BBQ grill nearly as often. Building a BBQ Island or fully equipped backyard kitchen makes all the value of outdoor living achievable.

Additional benefits of an outdoor kitchen include wonderful things you wouldn't realize unless you owned one yourself.

Outdoor Dining Area with Unexpected Advantages

  • Food as Therapy
    Study after study reveals that sharing a meal with a group, or just one other person, is good for us. Life gets busy, no matter how old we are. Setting aside time to talk, reflect on the day, and reconnect encourages better eating habits and soul-stirring contentment. Get out of the house without leaving your home and give your emotional health a boost.
  • Eat Better while Saving Money
    When you are the owner of an outdoor kitchen, you'll notice a tendency to avoid expensive restaurants and unhealthy fast-food except for special occasions. Grilling is quick, easy, and fun. All members of the family can participate. Clean-up is a breeze.
  • Expand Your Culinary Skills (whether or not you like to cook)
    There are literally thousands of delicious online recipes and cookbooks for grilling main courses, side dishes, and even desserts. You can take your newfound talents on the road if you camp, RV, or go to grill-outs at the homes of family and friends.
  • Give the A/C a Break
    As you know, traditional cooking can raise the temperature indoors substantially. Keep the heat outdoors and lower your air conditioning expense. In the East Valley, you can use your outdoor kitchen all year long.

Get Cookin' On Your Customized Landscape Design

An outdoor kitchen isn't just a landscaping addition; it's a lifestyle enhancement. Beyond mere practicality, it becomes a hub for entertaining, a sanctuary for culinary creativity, and a seamless extension of your indoor living space. With its ability to blend functionality and style, an outdoor kitchen in the East Valley transforms mundane cooking tasks into enjoyable experiences under the clear desert skies.

Some of our other top landscape options:

- Concrete pavers
- Porcelain pavers
- Travertine pavers
- Pathways and walkways
- Artificial grass
- Putting greens
- Decorative gravel
- Xeriscape, trees, shrubs, planters

Some of our other top landscape options:

- Concrete pavers
- Porcelain pavers
- Travertine pavers
- Pathways and walkways
- Artificial grass
- Putting greens
- Decorative gravel
- Xeriscape, trees, shrubs, planters
- PVC drip irrigation system
- Alumawood pergola
- BBQ islands
- Outdoor kitchens
- Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
- Water features
- Seating walls
- LED landscape lighting

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