How Artificial Grass Benefits You

Most new construction yards in the valley are desert dirt or gravel. You'll love how practical, attractive, and affordable artificial grass is as part of your landscape design.

  • Save Time
    Free up your weekends! No mowing, weeding, fertilizing, seeding, re-seeding, or other typical grass maintenance.
  • Save Money
    Natural lawn maintenance is expensive. Save on products, supplies, and equipment and avoid a cringe-worthy water bill every month. Homeowners in the Phoenix area save between 50 - 60 percent on their monthly water bill installing artificial grass versus watering a natural lawn.
  • Long Term Investment
    The life expectancy of artificial grass is 15 to 20 years. It's always a vibrant green, and there are no mud puddles, brown patches, or dead areas.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Not only are you saving water (natural grass lawns average 55 gallons per square foot annually), but you're reducing pollution (for instance, ground pollution from fertilizers and pesticides, and air pollution from gas-powered mowers).
  • Organic Pest Control
    Pests are not attracted to artificial grass, and there's no need to treat it with pesticides.
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Putting Green Turf

An outdoor putting green in your own backyard is a golfer's dream. Improve your game, entertain friends, and stay active in the comfort of your home.

The putting green turf we install is not the same type of synthetic grass used in lawn landscaping. The composition is designed to accommodate the roll and flexibility of the golf ball itself.

We also consider the style of putting green to install for you, depending on the type of player you are. For example:

  • A bent style of grass blade with noticeably short surfaces is commonly used for putting green turf.
  • A slit-film style of artificial putting green closely mimics the type of grass you see on golf courses. Its blades are trimmed off at the top to reproduce that mower trimmed grass. It is excellent for tournament-level practice.
  • A texturized artificial turf works well as an all-round synthetic putting green, whether you are a casual player or a serious tournament competitor.

View a project gallery of The Yard Stylist's installed artificial grass and putting green turf in the Phoenix area.

Putting Green Turf Collage - The Yard Stylist

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grass Pet Turf Dog Rolling on Grass Chandler Gilbert AZDogs don't notice a difference between natural grass and artificial turf. It's great for potty training, it's non-toxic for pets (and humans), and your dog avoids exposure to fleas, ticks, and other lawn pests. The key to quality artificial grass installation for dogs is drainage and durability.

About Doggy Potty and Poo

It's so much easier to clean up when your dog does its business on artificial turf. Pick up dog poop and throw it away (do not hose it into the surface). Rinse away urine with hose water (and soap, if you choose) and your grass is good as new. No yellowing, dead spots or holes!

Artificial Grass FAQs

It is very low maintenance, but there are some things you can do on occasion to keep it looking fresh.
  • Remove organic materials with a brush broom, rake, or leaf blower.
  • Rinse the surface with a hose.
  • Brush your turf against the grain with a stiff broom to keep the blades standing up straight.
The Yard Stylist handpicked two of the best artificial grass manufacturers in the market to provide our customers with the highest durability, safety, and aesthetics. Both Tiger Turf and Smart Turf provide a 15-year manufacturer warranty on top of our labor warranty.
In the Phoenix area, dry hot weather is the norm. Artificial turf can increase your resale value by providing great curb appeal, cost-savings, and a low maintenance option for your buyer. They benefit from it the same way you do. Real estate studies suggest that you can increase the value of your home 5-15 percent by upgrading your landscape.
A weekly rinse should keep your lawn fresh and odor free. You can also use a mixture of distilled vinegar and water. There are pet products such as Simple Green, Turf Fresh, or Zeolite Max that help eliminate any odor buildup.

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